Re-thinking Food

Since I’ve had kids I’ve been concerned about the way we eat.  We’ve always eaten lots of fresh vegetables and a relatively low fat diet but there was so much press about pesticides that I decided to take the safe route and buy organic produce. 

When my then-toddler developed temper tantrums and amazing bursts of energy someone suggested I should try to cut out any chemicals so we added “natural” to the food list.  At the time I did my best to read the package labels but most of the ingredients were completely Latin to me so if it wasn’t on the “taboo” list I would throw it in the cart.  Ignorance was bliss.

But the more I read the more troubled I became and it really just disturbed me that he was eating things I knew nothing about, let alone couldn’t pronounce.  And the more troubled I became the more I read.  And then I became more troubled and read more.  And became more troubled.

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