The Grain Mill

I easily justified buying a grain mill once I saw how cheaply you can purchase bulk wheat berries which store very well in airtight containers in the garage.  Deciding on the right grain mill took forever.  For me it came down to an issue of counterspace and cupboard space.  We have a tiny kitchen with neither.  I spent whole nights on breadmaking forums and googling for grain mills.  It seems you can either spend about $200 or about $1,000.  There wasn’t much in between.

The romantic idea of manually grinding my own grain soon disappeared when I read posts on how long it actually took to grind enough for a few loaves of bread (30 minutes?)  The people who did it didn’t mind because it was exercise they quipped.  Clearly their lives do not border on the degree of chaos and insanity that mine does.

In the end I chose this one: 

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3 responses to “The Grain Mill

  1. or, if you have a wheat grinder that doesn’t flatten into groats, I found an awesome recipe for putting oat groats into the crock pot overnight to get soft, creamy oatmeal in the morning! You can see it here:

  2. sustainableeats

    Thanks LaDonna – I LOVE steel cut oats but don’t have a crock pot. I’m learning how to soak my grains the night before in buttermilk or lemon juice and water to neutralize the phytic acid and improve our mineral absorption so I’m having to rethink all my recipes. My favorite way to cook steel cut oats is Alton Brown’s version from his show Good Eats (which obviously was the inspiration for my blog name).

  3. sustainableeats

    An update to this grain mill – if I had to do it over again I would buy the nutrimill. Last night I ground up 4 cups of flour to make bread, 4 cups of flour to make pizza dough for tomorrow night and 2 cups of flour to make pancakes for breakfast and to freeze this morning. It took forever but the real thing is that it’s just so dang loud! My husband keeps asking me to go grind it in the garage. I may get that nutrimill just to improve the atmosphere in my kitchen!

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