Weekly Recipes

Here we are again at the end of another food week.  This was a better food week for us.  Last week I was in between buttermilk cultures and used the dregs of the kefir jar to make bread.  It came out so cheesy no one wanted to eat it.

Here are the meals we ate this week – all from ingredients found at the farmer’s market during the winter or from stored grains grown in WA state and cooked as berries or ground by me:

  • Rye and red cabbage soup with barley muffins
  • Chicken (from Thundering Hooves) and dumplings with carrots and parsnips
  • Lamb Kibbe (a ground lamb and bulger concoction) from Thundering Hooves lamb
  • Goat cheese pizza made from 100% white whole wheat berries grown in eastern Washington
  • Kale or Napa cabbage salads with fresh cheese and homemade bread
  • Swedish pancakes
  • Blueberry yogurt pancakes
  • Lemon spelt muffins with frozen blueberries
  • Yogurt and granola
  • Morning glory muffins with apple and carrot
  • Roasted brussel sprouts
  • Whole wheat lemon cake made from CA meyer lemons (not local but seasonal)

The only ingredients that were not local are the dried coconut in the muffins and granola, the almonds in the granola but I plan to swap that with WA state hazelnuts next time, and the oats in the granola.  The closest oats I can find (so far) are grown in Canada.  Nash Huber in Sequim will be growing a hull-less variety oat next year so I’ll have to learn how to process that myself.  Until then I’ll be ordering more old fashioned oats from Bob’s Red Mill.


2 responses to “Weekly Recipes

  1. I am lovin’ this site! Our family has been progressively moving towards all local foods over the past couple years, growing our own, having chickens, and trying to by as much local as possible, and of course organic. Sounds like we are on similar paths….thanks for sharing. Now, how do you find the time to blog AND cook/shop local with two kids!?!

  2. sustainableeats

    Hi Terrie,

    Thanks! The time is the kicker and I’m hoping that I can still juggle this as gardening season approaches but I’m going to try! This is a fairly new experiment for us (just since Jan 1) but it feels so great to get all that processed junk out of your system and “ditch the man” so to speak. We’ve always eaten organic but the whole local thing is new territory and is taking a great deal of research which was why I wanted to start this blog – to post sources for things for other people. The more of us who are eating this way, the stronger the local food and farming scene will be here in Seattle!

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