Weekly Recipes – Late Winter

The end of another food week for us – here is what we had:

  • goat cheese, carmelized onion tarts with a reduced pinot noir sauce from this WA local cookbook
  • fried beets “in their jackets” with lemon mint aioli
  • pizza made with River Valley Cheese’s amazing mozzarella, Thundering Hooves sweet Italian sausage and kalamata olives from Napa
  • Market Street Meatloaf with the remains of last summer’s turkey burgers from Costco plus carrots from Nash Huber and onions from Eastern Washington
  • Roasted fingerling potatoes from Puyallup
  • Creamed kale from Nash Huber’s farm
  • Broiled salmon with soy/ginger sauce and tahini noodles (made with Rose egg noodles here in Seattle)
  • Sauteed napa cabbage and carrots from Nash Huber’s farm
  • Goat cheese and leek quiche with a spelt crust
  • Braised brussel sprouts from Nash Huber with mustard/tarragon sauce
  • Maple Scones (that flattened in the pan – be sure to tap your flour when you grind it fresh so it settles or you won’t have enough in the recipe!)
  • Homemade rye bread (which rises faster than ordinary wheat bread – check out the holes!)
  • Homemade wheat sandwich bread with slightly too much diastic malt, making it amazing soft and light but hard to cut and spread butter on
  • Lots of pancakes, yogurt and granola for breakfasts



    2 responses to “Weekly Recipes – Late Winter

    1. Your bread looks great!

    2. sustainableeats

      If I’d thought about it at the time I could have stuffed it with egg salad or something and then tell everyone I meant to make it that way!

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