Upcoming Sustainable Classes

There are some great classes coming up that I want to post links to:

WSU has a Growing Groceries course the last Sat of each month up in Everett. This last Saturday’s class was on starting seedlings indoors and was well worth the time (which is saying a lot right now!). If you do decide to take the class please note that the location has changed so call the office for the new address. It’s in downtown Everett now.

River Valley Cheese has ongoing cheesemaking classes the second Saturday of each month. You can visit their website to find more info: www.RiverValleyCheese.com. The upcoming class will cover 2 hour mozzarella (versus the 5 hour version in the home cheesemaking book) and goat’s milk tomme. You leave the class with a 2 lb wheel to age.

May 26 there will be a milk and herbal soapmaking class at the UW Women’s Center. They aren’t taking registrations yet but they will be when the new session starts. The number is 685-1090.

The same person teaching that class is also teaching a 6 hour cheesemaking class through North Seattle Community College on May 30. You can check their site for more info on it.

Seattle Tilth also has some great gardening courses coming up, as well as their city chickens class.

WSU has some Raising and Processing Livestock courses coming up for pigs, cows and chickens. The raising poultry class is this week, processing is next week.

I hope to see some of you there!


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