Kimchi Gone Awry

I’ve been foiled by my gear in this first kimchi attempt. I purchased ceramic pickling crocks in an effort to get away from plastic. In order to keep the fermenting vegetables in an oxygen free environment you use a small amount of brine and then a round wooden disc with several holes drilled in it and an amount of weight to keep everything submerged.

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4 responses to “Kimchi Gone Awry

  1. My husband made the wood disk for my fermenting crock.
    He uses Cypress wood, it is more water resistant even than Teak.
    Cypress Wood was once used for water tanks, water troughs, and well casings.

    Also when making your disk, cut the wood about 3/8 of an inch smaller than the inside circumference of the crock.

    So sorry to hear about your lost Kimchi.
    Better luck next time

    It’s not easy being a locavore…

  2. Charlotte Gore

    I use a German Harsch fermenting crock to make sauerkraut and the crock is awesome and very easy to use, have already made 3 batches this winter with great results. The crock is expensive but worth it and will last a lifetime..hopefully, if I don’t break it!

  3. sustainableeats

    Thanks Dove – my husband drilled it out last night. I think it was made out of pine and “designed” to go with the 1 gallon croc I have. It was significantly smaller than the croc opening but not enough apparently.

    Charlotte, that is VERY cool looking. And foolproof. Maybe I can trade you something else for kimchi ? 🙂 The kefir grains are going gangbusters!

  4. Yeah, pines not good…. it will really swell. (as you found out)
    You can get a cypress board at any lumber yard or home improvement store, one board will give you enough to make many disks.

    A Harsch fermenting crock would be awesome, but right now my budget says I have to stick to Ohio Crocks.

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