Making Whey

Over the weekend I started a new experiment – making whey. Prior to the advent of canning people used fermentation as a method to preserve fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy. Whey was something plentiful since it’s a by-product of making cheese and it was even drank as an elixir and ailment cure.

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7 responses to “Making Whey

  1. N Daniel Wells

    Can olives be cured with whey? I am on a low salt diet and I miss olives terrible. If they can, is there a web site I can go to for instructions?

  2. sustainableeats


    I haven’t seen a recipe for olives in whey but I did find this in Preserving Food Without Freezing or Canning:

    Pick olives in Dec, keeping only the ones that are good. Scald jars, dry them, fill them with black olives and seal them airtight. Store them until March in the cellar, attic or dark closet. Then the olives will be ready to eat. They’ll have lost their black color and become greenish, but once the jar is opened they’ll blacken again and remain slightly bitter.

    Once you open them season with herbs and oil but they will only keep a few days at that point.

    If you try this please post back and let me know how it went! I plan to do some things with whey next week and will post back about them.

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  4. Hi,

    Does kefir and yogurt need to be seperated before straining, to make whey? I think in NT it said to just strain yogurt as is, without seperating first. But I’d love to know the best way.


  5. sustainableeats

    Hi Kate,

    It will separate itself and the you can simply pour off the whey. It does this even in the fridge after several days.

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