Trading Convenience for Conscience

You can see from the weekly menu updates that we are not wanting for interesting food, nor for comfort food. The one thing we are wanting for is convenient food.

Gone are the days when I could hurriedly pop a frozen waffle in the toaster for a screaming toddler, or microwave potstickers and chicken nuggets for a little one that didn’t like the grown up flavors at the table. No more lunchmeat or dried pasta, deli salads, store bought crackers or breakfast cereal. Even our Costco bag of cheese sticks is running out – when they are gone, c’est la vie.

What this has meant is an incredible amount of discipline and planning on my part. I’m trying to keep food fresh – at a time when even kale is not to be found at the farmer’s market. The brussel sprouts are just about done and last week was the last of Nash’s brilliant Nantes carrots, grown in that magical sandy loam only Sequim has.

We are staring at the first handfuls of wilted wild greens, bitter from overwintering. And of course, rolling in long-storing root stock – turnips, rutabagas and parsnips. I can tell you I’ll be doing a happy dance when I see big beautiful bunches of kale again!

Oh asparagus, asparagus, wherefore art thou asparagus? Part your lovely veil of snow and come forth unto my palate…


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