Healthy Chocolate Snacks

My first Real Food Wednesday post! Except that I’m only now getting around to it and it’s Friday…

My five year old has had a hard time adjusting to our new eating habits (no processed foods) and really misses the treats. I happened upon an interesting recipe for black bean brownies which sounded like a typo at first but it wasn’t. I tried them today and they were great considering what they are – loaded with protein from the black beans and eggs, made with agave syrup and unsweetened chocolate.

I happened to use cocoa powder and butter since I no longer buy chocolate and they came out just fine. I made a smaller recipe and overcooked it but we compensated by putting some light ganache on the top and serving it with whipping cream lightly sweetened. The kids loved it (as did the kids from across the street.) None of them even seemed remotely shocked when I told them the secret ingredient was beans – they just wanted more!

It got me thinking though – you could really make this a complete meal by adding nuts (we have nut allergies so I wasn’t able to do that) or peanut butter, even though it is already pretty darn high in protein between the beans and eggs. Once you stop thinking of these as a treat and just consider the ingredients you begin to see that they could make a great boxed lunch main course even.

You could make a blondie version with garbanzo beans and peanut butter, or layer or swirl the two batters together. A peanut butter blondie version could even have jelly swirled thoughout.

Or you could leave the eggs out, not bake it and serve it as a chocolate dip for homemade whole wheat pretzels (the soft kind), bread sticks or homemade graham crackers. You could make a more savory version by adding spices to make it a mole bean dip, or combine orange zest, cinnamon or curry with the chocolate.

What about using pancakes or crepes to make a chocolate torte – layering chocolate dip, pancakes and bananas or berries (whatever is local to you and in season?) Or roll up a crepe or Swedish pancake with this inside then add some whipped cream.

I bet you’d be hard pressed to find a kid who wouldn’t be thrilled with any version of this as an afternoon snack, lunch or breakfast!

The best part was not having to limit the number of brownies my kids ate. When my five year old asked for another I immediately said “Sure!” and he looked at me questioningly. “Really?” he asked. Really. Knock your socks off. They’re good for you! Now how often can you say that about something with chocolate in it?


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