Healthy Traditional Orange Marmalade

Today I used my whey for the first time – to make some traditional style marmalade. The really nice thing about preserving foods in traditional manners is that there is no water bath – which destroys the nutritional value, heats up the house and uses a lot of energy anyway. There is also a noticeable lack of the huge amounts of sugar I frankly found disturbing whenever I made jam.

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8 responses to “Healthy Traditional Orange Marmalade

  1. okay, I’ve been admiring your blog from a distance for some time, but I have to say that this entry just rocked my world; I had NO idea I could put up preserves without using energy! Hello!

    Thanks to you, I’m now seriously considering buying a goat to help keep my lawn trimmed and provide me with raw milk, because I am determined to become a whey-maker, thanks to you!

    LOVE, LOVE this blog! 🙂

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  3. sustainableeats


    You are so sweet! I wish I could have a goat too – I found a source for fresh goat & cow’s milk through

    This marmelade is a little on the runny side but you could add some pectin to thicken it. It’s also on the tart side like a traditional marmalade but you could serve it with honey if it’s too tart for your tastes – just don’t add honey to the jar since honey is a natural anti-bacterial agent that would destroy the enzymes in the marmalade. It would be perfect added to baked goods like your muffins though – you could add the orange chunks right into the batter!

  4. sustainableeats

    An update – I couldn’t wait this morning. I made coconut pancakes and stole some marmalade from the jar (not even 24 hours after I started it!). It was the most incredible combination! I added maple syrup since that is how I would have normally eaten pancakes anyway and it was all I could think about all day. I can’t wait to have it again for breakfast tomorrow! I’ll post the pancake recipe later in the week when I’ve caught back up again but this marmalade would be great to use in baking. Anytime your recipe calls for grated orange zest, or you want some nice textured orange zip to anything (like you would add crystalized ginger to muffins or cookies). I can’t wait to make your muffins with this orange marmalade muffin mom!

  5. Great info Annette,
    Wow! As king of sugar overload, I welcome this recipe and will give it a try. Whey, who knew? And I only thought it was the byproduct of a nursery rhyme and old yogurt. 😉

  6. sustainableeats

    I realized after I spent a 1/2 gallon of raw cow’s milk on making whey that I could just use some yogurt or kefir that I always have going anyway. If you get yogurt with live cultures you can leave it out at room temperature until it separates and then use a few tablespoons of that whey. It sure cuts down on the number of experiments on my counter at any given time!

  7. Nicole Rice

    So, I might have missed it- but how long does this marmalade last? Is it only stored in the fridge? How would one know when it’s past it’s prime? I’m soo excited about this recipe!

  8. Hi Nicole, I’m not totally sure how long it lasts but mine is still fine – according to what I’ve read when fermented food goes bad you will know it, unlike other foods. I would guess at least 6 months but I know the preserved lemons are good up to a year so I’m hopeful they will last longer.

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