Weekly Menus – Late Winter/Early Spring

I’m a little remiss with this post since my farmer’s market is Saturday mornings so my food week began yesterday. I was busy yesterday with a fabulous cheesemaking class in Fall City, unexpected but always welcome guests when I arrived home, and a St. Patrick’s Day dinner party today to prepare for.

I am starting to get the hang of cooking traditionally a little better and have gotten a LOT of help from one of my new favorite cookbooks, Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. It will definitely have you thinking outside the food box – preparing food in traditions quickly disappearing thanks mostly to big business and our “modern lifestyle”. I’m enjoying reconnecting with food, it’s origins, and listening to my body thank me in many subtle ways.

This week we ate:

  • Grass fed beef tacos (meat from Thundering Hooves, recipe from Cooks Illustrated) with homemade tortillas from NT by SF, served with wild greens from Rockridge Orchard
  • Lamb chops from Thundering Hooves with a simple tomato, garlic, red wine & fresh marjoram sauce, served with polenta and blanched wild greens from Rockridge Orchard
  • Potato soup with a small amount of bacon from Thundering Hooves, potatoes from Olsen Farm in Puyallup, other root veggies from Nash Huber in Sequim
  • Black bean burgers and kimchi
  • Cuban black beans and rice
  • Homemade pizza with River Valley Cheese’s mozzarella and natural pepperoni from the freezer
  • Black bean chocolate brownies
  • Homemade ice cream made with cream from Glen Creamery, hand shaken in small ziplocks placed inside larger ziplocks with ice and salt – an experiment for the kids
  • Experiments still in progress – orange marmalade and apple cider vinegar
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    2 responses to “Weekly Menus – Late Winter/Early Spring

    1. I recently stumbled across your blog and I love it! We are just starting to make some similar changes in our diet, and we’re soon moving to the seattle area. So thanks for all the wonderful resources!

    2. sustainableeats

      I’m so glad – where are you coming from? Maybe I can give you the low down if you have kids, otherwise I would be so out of the loop šŸ˜›

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