Cultured Dairy Products

Once we decided we would only eat food if we could trace all ingredient sources I found a raw cow and goat milk dairy.  We had a source for milk but what about kefir, yogurt, butter, sour cream and cheese?  These were things we ate a LOT of.

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2 responses to “Cultured Dairy Products

  1. i very much enjoyed reading your blog – i, too, have read kingsolver’s book and i am fired up to grow more tomatos and such to freeze and can for the coming seasons. I have had a p-patch on capitol hill for a lot of years, but haven’t really worked it to the max – but this year i will. Christine (friend of Jennifer and Callie)

  2. sustainableeats

    Hi Christine – isn’t it amazing how fired up she has gotten so many people? At first I though I could never grow food so I would just buy the harvests at the farmer’s market and put it up but then I read Omnivore’s Dilemma and decided to tear out the front lawn. I’m fired up too! What are you planting in your P-patch?

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