Uprising Seeds – Heirloom Varieties for the Pacific NW

The other day I opened the mail and got a catalog from Uprising Seeds – an outfit that sells 100% organic, heirloom and open pollinated seeds from the Pacific NW.   They are so new they don’t yet have a site up but are based in Bellingham, WA.  The seeds they sell are from a network of growers from Acme, Skagit Valley, Twisp, Sequim, and then Williams, OR.

They even have four varieties that have been listed by RAFT as “Ark Foods”. 

 The “Ark of Taste” was conceived at a Slow Food gathering…as a project to identify foods with special culinary and cultural significance that are facing extinction with the indultrialization of our food supply.

Uprising Seeds has taken as much time into drafting loving descriptions of each seed as they have in cultivating and preserving them, and they donate a percentage of their sales to better the social and legal climate for their workers.

Sadly, I had already ordered my seeds for the year before I heard about them but you can bet I’ll be buying my seed garlic from them this summer and giving them as much business as possible from now on.

You can find some info on them at Green People until their site is up and running.

Clearly they are planting the seeds of change!


One response to “Uprising Seeds – Heirloom Varieties for the Pacific NW

  1. Hello there and thank you for mentioning us with enthusiasm and kindness!
    I got your info from one of your readers who ordered a catalogue…looks like a great blog and when I get a moment to breathe I will read it more in depth.
    Good luck with that front lawn garden…I just finished spreading mine with cardboard and horse manure…good thing I have inderstanding neighbors!
    Thanks again and you can find us any day now at: Uprisingorganics.com


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