What Does Your Garden Grow?


This post is a Real Food Wednesday post this week hosted by cheeseslave

Cheeseslave is encouraging everyone to grow their own vegetables this year, and to share what it is they are growing. 

I have my starts up on the kitchen counter still under the lowered fluorescent bulbs that I purchased at home depot and then hung from lengths of chain attached to cup hooks which I screwed into the bottom of my crappy cupboards (there’s one good thing from having crappy cupboards – you don’t have to worry about putting holes in them!)

Ideally I would have them in bigger pots by now and hardening them off since I could move them into garden beds next week.  However, we just finished taking out the grass and won’t have the beds ready for another two or three weeks.  My front lawn looks lovely, all cakey mud and worm-fest for the birds.  But it’s all in the sake of progress and sticking it to Montsano so I don’t mind.

So far I have started celery, broccoli, several kinds of kale, several kinds of tomatoes, leeks, storing onions and scallions. 

In a few weeks these will go into the ground (except the tomatoes) and in their place on my counter I will start brussel sprouts, cucumbers, pumpkins (jack-o-lantern and pie), zuchini, winter squash.  In the soil I will start chard, wild greens, potatoes, beets and carrots (if my garden boxes were ready these would already be in.)  I do have peas in the ground in the shady backyard already and they are just starting up so it’s time to plant another round of them in another spot.

In Mid-May I will direct sow beans and corn and put out all the new little seedlings after hardening them off.

Then in the fall I will start soft neck garlic. 

As far as perennials go I have 3 rhubarb plants and quite a few low bush blueberries, strawberries and lingon berries in the back.  I am just now adding horseradish, asparagus, high bush blueberry bushes, raspberry bushes, a hardy kiwi vine, two apple trees, two cherry trees, two plum trees, one crabapple tree, one bay laurel tree, two fig trees and one meyer lemon.  It should be a full house – or full cupboards hopefully.

How about you? What does your garden grow?


2 responses to “What Does Your Garden Grow?

  1. Wow! What a great garden you will have! 🙂 What kind of “wild greens” are you planting? I’m doing some foraging of nettles and sorrel, but would love to have some names to keep an eye out for in seed catalogs or racks 🙂

  2. sustainableeats

    Hi Alyss,

    Where are you ? It sounds like similar to Seattle with the nettles right now. I have a bag in the fridge to try again (last time they stung me haha).

    I purchased some European wild greens from territorial seed, purslane, miner’s cabbage and mache. I think they aren’t truly wild but domestic versions of wild greens. They taste wild enough to me in the winter though – they are so amazingly nutrient-dense compared to something like kale or spinach.

    I just bought something called wild watercress at the farmer’s market on Sun since I like to support the forage guy and we loved it! I made a lemon chicken soup and threw them in there when it was done.

    What are your favorite seed companies?

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