Soaking Grains

I’ve always been interested in nutrition and became both curious and concerned when a friend who has always eaten whole grain bread recently developed Celiac’s disease in his fifties. While doing research for recipes and information on Celiac’s I kept coming across writings and study references extolling the dangers of the phytic acid in grains that are diminished by an overnight soaking in an acidified liquid (i.e. buttermilk, water and whey, water and vinegar, water and citrus juice.)

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6 responses to “Soaking Grains

  1. I saw in the kefir group letters that you had kefir grains for Jeff in AK. Do you perchance have any grains that could go south to Porland OR.? I haven’t been able to find any kefir grains around here. All the folks listed at the Kefir Home site for OR. don’t have any grains anymore and I emailed all of them on the list. I truly hope you have or will have grains in the near future (I’m having a medical procedure that will trash my good flora and I would like to have a fighting chance to recover my health afterward.
    Thanks for any information you can provide, Jim B.

  2. sustainableeats

    Hi Jim,

    I do, I do! Just email me annettecottrell (at) and I’ll get them shipped off. Let’s get your gut fortified going into it.


  3. I’m so glad you posted this! I know way too many fellow grain-grinders whose kids have Celiac, and I keep worrying that my kids will get it, too!

    I started using eggs in my dough instead of gluten flour, hoping that would reduce their gluten consumption, but now I’m going to try soaking my grains, too! 🙂

  4. sustainableeats

    Hi LaDonnaMobile,

    I am still trying to get the scones & muffins the same texture using soaked batter but not happy with the results yet. It’s so frustrating learning how to bake all over again. I just wanted to mention that because I know you are the Queen of muffin perfection and I don’t want you to get discouraged first try. If anyone can come up with a soaked muffin batter I know it will be you and I will be the first to try it out!


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