City Chickens

Chickens are on the list and now that the garden is started I’m starting to research them. Spinach and Honey had a great chicken post from a workshop she attended. It summarizes a lot of what I should be reading but I’m having a hard time nestling into bed with my Backyard Chicken book before I fall asleep.

We have a very large old doghouse that we plan to convert into a chicken coop but I’m starting to feel like maybe it’s not large enough from some of the coop pictures I saw on

I planned to keep the chickens in the back yard in an area that I never finished landscaping. It gets morning sun but not summer afternoon sun. It’s about 5 x 15 feet with some nice shrubbery on the west and north sides which I would think would make it cozier but then I’m not a chicken. Maybe it makes them nervous that racoons can sneak up on them.

And my yard is constantly full of energetic young super heroes running and screaming, slip and sliding through summer. Maybe that will make them nervous. This needs to be good for the chickens and not just our breakfast. Maybe I’m chickening out…

Any chickens on here that want to comment?


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