Planting Potatoes

I finally got around to planting my potatoes (late of course).  Potatoes are a fun thing to grow with kids and a great thing for someone with minimal yard space to grow.  You can even grow them on a patio or balcony.

You can buy seed potatoes at most garden shops or through seed catalogs.  Or you can buy eating potatoes from a trustworthy organic farmer and hope they don’t have any diseases that might contaminate your soil for future plants in the same family as potatoes (like tomatoes for instance).  Once you buy your potatoes you put them in a brown paper bag in a dark place for a few weeks until they sprout.  A garage is perfect.  Non-organic potatoes won’t sprout, by the way, because they’ve been gassed to keep them from sprouting on you.  That’s in addition to the pesticides they have.  Nice, eh?

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5 responses to “Planting Potatoes

  1. Love your blog- I have a small raised garden and we are trying to reduce the items we buy. I saw you have interest in growing herbs – this is what has worked for me very well. We lined the edge of our storm cellar with cement blocks turned on their sides. Each “hole” is perfect for a few seeds of herbs. I do some holes with marigolds for natural insect control. I have enough dill, sage, chives, basil etc to use fresh, dry, and share from a dozen blocks. The cement from the storm cellar keeps them from growing into the ground or you could put them on newspaper etc. The blocks hold water very well and I have fresh herbs almost year around!

  2. sustainableeats

    What a great idea BeckyAnn. I bet you could put sheet plastic under them inf you didn’t have concrete too but so many folks have unused patio space somewhere. I love the marigold trick for thwarting insects too – I’ve always planted them with my tomatoes. The contrast of the colors is nice to boot.

    I’ve never had luck with dill but you inspired me to try again. I don’t know why it hates me – I love it so.

  3. great post, wonderful info and photos. just wanted to pipe up and say, in my experience, non-organic potatoes sprout eyes just fine. they might take longer to do so, but i’m not sure where you’re getting that info from. cheers!

  4. kelley ahearn

    where is your . com I can no longer find it!! Help
    Miss you,

  5. +1 to that and I learn from amazing community of commenters every single day.

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