Homemade Food Scrap Digester

img_1775One of my projects for this week, along with re-potting the tomatoes, was to make a scrap composter.  We have a great compost program for yard waste in the city but I wanted those nutrients for my yard.

I followed the directions I found on a handout I got from a Tilth volunteer at last week’s UW Farmer’s market that don’t seem to be on their website. 

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3 responses to “Homemade Food Scrap Digester

  1. This is great. I’ve resisted composting bcs of the mess I thought it would make. Now I will use your system starting nx spring. Thank you!

  2. sustainableeats

    It is a nice clean, low profile one but you realistically need 2 or 3 cans so you can keep rotating. You will also want to layer wet and dry things to make it work and keep the fruit flies down. Shredded junk mail or leaves make the perfect dry layer.

  3. I would love to make a food scrap composter myself, but I don’t like the look of having a trash can buried in my backyard. Has anyone come across ways to build a good-looking composter?

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