New Site!

I finally got my domain to resolve so the new site, the shorter amount of typing and personal IP: is up! Please switch any RSS feeds or email updates, blog links or other to that one since I’ll be making all future posts there.

I have lots to add about putting my tomatoes in the ground, building my hoop house and getting this spring garden party started finally!

The irrigation is here and I’m starting to put it in, read why chickens make lousy housepets and see the chicken coop come together.

Urban farming at it’s best, right from the comforts of your own desktop. Hope to see you over there!


6 responses to “New Site!

  1. How did your transition go to the real domain blog? Any tips? Is it costly? Thanks!

  2. Hi Monique,

    I get my hosting at 1and1 (you can google) for I think $3.99 a month and then installed wordpress so I could use the same template. My advice,however, is to buy the domain from the same person who hosts your site so you don’t have to wait 60 days for it to resolve!

  3. Hi, I was just wondering if you still have kefir grains that are you willing to part with. I live in Seattle and can pick them up. If not, do you happen to know of any place I can purchase them locally?


  4. sustainableeats

    Hi Jess,

    I do! What part of town are you at?

  5. I’m by the zoo.

  6. sustainableeats

    Hi Jess,

    I can post on the Ballard chapter of Weston Price group list and surely someone right by you will have some. Do you want to email me your email or phone number and I can put that in the post? It’s annette cottrell (at) Just connect the letters and use the @ and you’ll have it.

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