Annette is the mom of two former colic and reflux babies.  In her spare time she operates http://www.pollywogbaby.com, a website and resource for caregivers of babies with reflux and colic.  Her other personal blog is http://www.theburprag.com where she chronicles random thoughts and family life.

Her interests are green living, food, and nurturing two highly active boys.


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  1. Great blog! Do you know about Skagit River Ranch in Sedro- Woolley? Organic/grass-fed and no feed lot confinement-ever! At several F. Markets, as well as in the freezers of area stores (Manna Mills).

  2. sustainableeats

    Hi Lisa,

    I do! I’ve been buying sausage and eggs from them at the UW farmer’s market. The eggs are even fresher then the farm eggs I was getting through the milkshed. They are such a committed farm and it shows in their food. Do you have any other good finds for me?

  3. Annette
    Awesome blog! We saw the listing for the cherry tree on NE Seattle Moms…is it still available (Thurs 1 pm)…we’d love to have it for our house on 29th! Let me know and we’ll come dig it up this weekend!


  4. Hi Annette!

    Great blog, I am inspired by your plan and your rules. This is very much the road less traveled – the Krafts of the world make it way too easy to eat chemical crap.

    I have signed up this year for a local farmers’ coop – I will be receiving fresh fruits and veggies throughout the summer and am very much looking forward to it.

    Your muffins and cupcakes are on my list!


  5. sustainableeats

    Marie good for you! You’ll be amazed at how different the flavor is because there is real nutrition in real veggies. It is more work to get it from the farm because it’s not always as clean and you get so much at once. It does force you to eat more veggies though! If you are ever at a loss for what to do with some strange thing like kohlrabi email me.


  6. Hi! I wanted to say thanks for all of your sharing. I actually have your blog set as my home page. Not only does it remind me to stay focused but, it also reminds me to stay growing in every sense of the word : )

  7. sustainableeats

    Hi Tamara – you are so sweet! I’m hoping to find more blogging time once I get the chicken coop done & the irrigation in since I have tons of posts to share. Some cheesemaking flops, designing an irrigation system to make gardening fit your schedule better and more local sources for food. Stay tuned!

  8. Wow!! This is a great blog and I love your garden!!! I have a question to ask you regarding your raised vegetable beds. Do I ask you through this blog or do you have a personal email that I can send you?

  9. Hi Gabriella,

    You can ask me here and that way if anyone else has the same question they can see it. The raised beds work out great and in Seattle I feel they are the key to year round gardening. Otherwise in the fall, winter & spring things can get too soggy!

  10. Hi Annette,
    I also have a long vegetable bed and would love to add some variation by putting in some diamond beds like you have. Since I am new to power tools (how have I been able to live all these years (42) without power tools???), I am wondering how you constructed your diamond beds, are they sitting on top of you normal beds? How did you attach them to your straight bed?
    You have an inspiring blog and it helps me to continue in this mission of “slow food” not only for myself, but specially to teach my daughter (5years old) to love and enjoy the garden and to eat what it produces. So far so good…

  11. sustainableeats

    Hi Gabriella, the diamonds do make it look more interesting but were really a pain to irrigate. My husband built them so that they are essentially resting on the larger boxes but have blocks of wood underneath them to support them and then he pounded wooden stakes in the dirt to keep them from sliding around.

    To irrigate them I ended up running an extra length of 1/4″ polytubing off the mail line and then to that I attached small 1/4″ soaker hose that I picked up at City People’s and snaked it around inside the diamond. It actually works just fine – way better then the T-tape that everything else is using. Next year I will eliminate all the T-tape and buy a bunch more of the 1/4″ soaker hose I think. That T-tape just doesn’t work well for me.

  12. Love your blog. We are on a sustainable ranch in Mexico and with our 2 young American caretakers are raising goats and chickens and of course our organic garden. Hope you’re still blogging, keep me posted.

  13. sustainableeats

    Hi Holly,

    I am – I moved over to http://www.sustainableeats.com so there is lots of new content over there. What part of Mexico are you in down there? I did a post where I’ve been asking for guest posters to write articles that would be of interest to readers and help challenge us all to live more sustainably. I’d love for you to consider! And I’d love to hear more if there are things we are doing that are impacting other areas too.

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